FMBB 2020 World Championships

Team Leader information.

How to register for participation in the FMBB 2020 World Championship?


  1. Make sure that the team leader has an active “Working-Dog” account.
    If not, this can be setup free via (click on registering).
  2. Once the account is setup, the team leader can submit a team leader request on the FMBB Caniva website ( under the relevant discipline.
  3. Fill in the request correctly and send in.
  4. The FMBB responsible will then contact the Belgian Shepherd Club from the applicant for verfication.
  5. After this verification, the FMBB will activate the team leader.
  6. From this activation (or not accepted), an email will be send.
  7. Then, when you start signing up your team members, read the screen completely before you start input.
  8. Always provide correct data!!
  9. For every registration, a email will be send to the team leader, de participant and the organisation.
  10. If questions, contact us (
  11. Also read the regulations, these are on the Caniva site in the section documants or on the fmbb website.
  12. Make sure you upload copy of the pedigree, not 3, 4, 5 different files, always a single file.